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Divine Aray

Embriodery on Fabric, Beads and Wood, 2015


These two pieces Divine Aray and The Circle of Light were created during my Studio Assistant internship at the Fabric Workshop Museum in the summer of 2015. Learning the skill of embroidery for my internship inspired me to create two pieces for my own studio practice. During my free time, I chose to concentrate on the concept of Life/Death. You can see in Divine Aray the way in which the landscape is being recreated into the sky, the sun and the pyramid in the distance.


In The Circle of Light the fluidity of the carefully embroidered pieces of matter create the landscape of flowers and the grass. All the colors are intermingling showing the connection of all parts of life.

The Circle Of Light

12"x 12,",Embroidery on Cotton and Wood, 2015


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